West Coast Tattoos. Tattoo shop in Blackpool

West Coast Tattoos is a professional tattoo shop in Blackpool.

Welcome to West Coast Tattoos. Our tattoo studio in Blackpool is open every day from 10am-6pm apart from Sundays when we are closed. The tattoo shop is located at 35 Talbot Road in Blackpool town centre (near North Pier and Blackpool Tower).

Walk-ins and tattoo appointments are available daily. All tattoos are done by Blan who has been tattooing professionally for the last 15 years in both Blackpool and Cyprus.

You can bring your own tattoo designs or tell us your ideas and we can design a custom tattoo for you. We also have 1000's of existing tattoo designs (tattoo flash) to choose from covering all styles from simple tribals to detailed black & grey portraits.

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We do a lot of tattoo cover up work, so whether it's an amateur tattoo that has gone wrong, an unwanted name or you just want a new tattoo then come and see us.

Tattoo Prices

Tattoo prices vary depending on how much time they will take to complete. The minimum charge per customer at our tattoo shop is £20.

For larger tattoos (session work) we charge by the hour at a competitive rate of £60.

Hygienic and safe tattoo studio

All our tattoo needles are gas sterilised and pre-packed (they get used only once and then disposed of in a sharps bin). All tattoo needles are opened in front of the customer. All other items used such as tips and grips are put through an ultrasonic cleaner followed by autoclave sterilisation. All ink caps are disposed of immediately after each tattoo is finished.

Our tattoo studio is always spotless and we thoroughly clean all furniture used after every tattoo without fail.

For more information please email us or take a look at our Tattoo FAQ page

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